Black out SUPER SALE this Friday!!

Shopping Tips for Black Friday Sales. One of the Biggest Shopping Events of the year with thousands securing Bargains on the street and online.

One of the biggest Shopping Events of the Year with thousands securing Huge Savings

on the Streets and Online

Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the US which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November, and this year it falls on Friday 26th, November, 2021.

The sales are likely to start a least a week before the big day and thousands, actually hundreds of thousands of eager shoppers are waiting at the start line to get their bargains in!  Retailers will be marking down just about everything to meet demands and customers will be all the more elated to cash in on the savings.

But it's not over yet, come the Monday after wards it's Cyber Monday and well as the name says any and everything electronic and in demand is going to be flying out the doors and into the waiting hands of consumers hoping to get their gift selections complete before the Christmas rush. One thing to note before the craziness starts is you should take a few precautions before hitting the online shops, it would be a good idea to prepare a wishlist for yourself, this helps, and could save you a whole lot of time getting lost in the onslaught of specials, offers and bargains that are sure to draw you in for the kill.

Remember to use a Credit Card:

Credit cards can be a safer way to pay for big ticket buys.  Anything costing more than a few hundred dollars is covered by the Consumer Credit Act which protects you especially during the heavy shopping period.

Prepare your wishlist

Just another way to prepare for shopping online, hit the ground running so to speak! This way you are ready at the start of the bell to place orders online, like a pro!  With a click of your finger its into your trolley, a plus for you, too bad for the other guy.

Look for discount codes

It's always a good idea to see just how much you can get for your dollar and discount codes get you extra discounts via website such as https://vouchercodes and https://MyVoucherCodes.  These will give you cash off your favourite brands, especially in large department stores with your discounts being applied at the online checkout. How cool is that?

Ask merchants for gift receipts

Don't forget to include receipts from Black Friday purchases, if you plan on giving one of these items as a gift, make sure to include the receipt, this makes returns or exchanges easier for the lucky receiver.

Above all else - HAVE FUN SHOPPING - remember that's what this event is all about, Shop! Shop! Shop!  Now that you have the tools to work with as an enlightened and energetic Shopping Guru, what ever are you waiting for?  The Sales have started early, go get them!

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