Interior Design Trends in 2022. What's Making a Splash and What's Not.

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CHEZ MOI design Blog
By Ann Achee-Hoyte
January 5, 2022

It's no wonder interior design trends for 2022 are focusing on the emotional aspect of people's lives lending to an ease in overall well-being, as we enter our third consecutive year of a global pandemic the need to slow down and spend more time in the confines of our homes has become quite evident.

So creating a space that reflects our inner-most desires that has the ability to create an 'energy' exclusively ours is paramount.  "We have been forced to slow down and spend more time in our homes - this drives a strong desire to really create a space that reflects both visually and affectionately what it is we are feeling.  As of lately we are paying close attention to how design has the ability to create an energy," says Erick Garcia of Los Angeles based design house - Maison Trouvaille.

Some of the top interior designers took a shot at what they predict would actually draw the attention of our creative senses in 2022?


Chocolate brown is a sore after favorite of choice many clients want warmth and coziness - this seems to be a common trend in most projects.  "The reality exists that "home" has become the cornerstone of all our lives.  The pandemic reality deems that where we now sleep, socialize and work is one in the same place and must now serve as multi-functional domain." As Robin Standefer of Roman and Williams touts, "We really want to examine what we love, what we want to live with everyday and for years to come."


The minimalist look is one of them, seems "The minimal look is at last warming up." Says Kathryn M. Ireland.  "The trend that I believe is going the way of the past is all white everything," touts the founder of Jungalow - Justina Blakeney.

I'm not surprised, as white it seems has dominated our design palettes a little too long and a change is most certainly welcomed.  That is why we launched our New Collection early at Fine  during the holiday festivities, getting a foot in with our new tableware collection and designer pillows, shawls and worldwide artisan exclusives highlighting the new color schemes for Autumn and the months that follow. 

               A Space designed in Shades of Amber and Coffee and Maize.
               Photo: By Spacejoy


The cozy fabric most often comes in easy neutral shades of white from ivory, pearl, to cream and is as alluring as it is adaptable, bouclè can cater to a variety of spaces. And though some may swear to its usefulness, others have long felt the urge to relinquish its reign. "I think after two years its time to move on." Says Marcus Barwell.

Open Floor Plans

"Open floor plans will give way to more segmented and traditional spaces, delineations, as we have come to realize the need for privacy and quiet spaces."- Timothy Corrigan.

Boxy Furniture

"The square armed boxy sofa has definitely been retired."- Martyn Lawrence Bullard.
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A Peek At 2022 Color Trends

1 - Olive Green
"Olive Green rings in as number one and colors like lilac, zesty curry lime, olive yellow, dark navy, maple and cherry will be in vogue this New Year," says Creative Director at Elicyon - Cecilia Halling.

If you need some convincing that greens of every hue are on the rise - then look no further than the experts in paints 2022 Color of The Year Charts for Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG and Sherwin Williams for added confidence and re-assurance.

             Picture Collage by Simply Exquisite Interiors

2 - Lilac
Lilac is a gentle and welcoming hue that adds a bright energy to any space, and a warm trending color for this season!

3 - Earthy Tones

                                      Photo by Daniel Chen
These nature-centric tones are calming and reinforces our connection with nature, earth tones like hazy greens, timeless blues, muted blush hues and the soothing allure of sandy greys help us focus on relaxation, reflection and wellness, for 2022.

4 - Crimson
       Picture Credits by Loana Cristiana and Nicola Nuttall

"This unique shade perfectly ties in with the whole color palette and will be the staple shade to carry through into the autumn months," expressed by James Waylett of Jacobs & Dalton.

5 - Neutral
Light and calming tones will dominate the living room, with hues of blue and greens throughout the color scheme.  Adding a pop of bold, fun colorful accents is always a plus.

6 - Shades of Green and Yellow       

Betsy Smith of Graphenstone suggests using  "subdued greens and mustard toned yellows as an unexpected endearing combination, layering with off whites textures, such as bouclè and white oiled timbers," to create a timeless elegance.

7 - Animal Patterns & Prints


One of the leading animal prints in the market is still the zebra print, sort after by many clients and designers to date.
"The trend is a timeless and ever evolving, look for a cool twist on the classics." Says Julie Clifford of Alexander James Interior Design.

design blog by Ann Achee-Hoyte
Design Coordinator @
Simply Exquisite Interiors
Collection Curator for Fine