thoughtful gifts for with her in mind...

Mayan Decorative Tray

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Longchamp Stemmed Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 4)

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Elegant 'Jeweled' Table Runner

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Amethyst Cosmopolitan Glasses (Set of 2)

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Astor Crystal Tabletop Votive Holder Set (Set of 2)

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Umber Leaf Spoon Rest

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Burmese Burlap Fringed Throw Pillow

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Melting Pot, Framed Abstract


'Royal' Pyramid Pillow, with natural fiber tassels

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Glass & Wood Candle Lantern

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Wooden Hook Rack

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Maison d'hotè Beaded 'Silk' Table Runner

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Artisan Wooden Table Sculpture

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"A" Monogrammed Tea Towels

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Excalibur Fine Crystal Platter

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Studio Silversmiths Frosted Palm Collection Crystal Platter

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Saks Fifth Ave Crystal Confectionery Server

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Who Art Thou? Thou


Upon a Lily


Charise Chaise Shawl

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Wooden Trinket Box Set

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