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Holiday Tea Towels

TT$330.00 TT$550.00
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Citrus 12" Clear Crystal Platter

TT$580.00 TT$967.00
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Mc Carthy Traditional 100% Linen Weave Beaded Table Runner

TT$1,420.00 TT$1,740.00
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Paisley 'Grand Holiday' Fruit Table Runner

TT$1,100.00 TT$1,600.00

Trellis 'Black & White' 100% Silk Table Runner

TT$1,160.00 TT$1,658.00

Dusk (Indigo & Black) Beaded Table Runner

TT$844.00 TT$1,205.00
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Myra (Aztec) Beaded Napkin Rings ( Set of 6 )

TT$512.00 TT$580.00
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Fia - Beaded Natural 'Jute' Fiber Table Runner

TT$1,345.00 TT$1,860.00
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Pagoda 'Red' Bamboo Place Mats (Set of 2)

TT$245.00 TT$275.00

Boca Rue Beaded Cloth Napkin Set (Set of 4)

TT$409.00 TT$540.00
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Crystal Cluster Fruit Charger

TT$420.00 TT$475.00

Clear Ribbed Crystal 'Evening' Votive

TT$540.00 TT$580.00

Mayan Decorative Tray | Glazed Ceramic Decorative Holders

TT$227.81 TT$379.68
WAS $379.68 On SALE 40% OFF

Palace Beaded, Cloth Dinner Napkins ( Set of 6)

TT$575.00 TT$959.00
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Empire Flute Glasses (Set of 2)

TT$275.00 TT$459.00
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Amethyst Cosmopolitan Cocktail Glasses (Set of 2)

TT$312.00 TT$520.00
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Astor Crystal Tabletop Votive Holder (Set of 2)

TT$441.60 TT$552.00
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Umber Leaf Spoons designed by Dennis Cheng

TT$460.00 TT$575.00
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Dusk (Indigo & Black) Napkin Rings (Set of 6)

TT$512.00 TT$640.00
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Signal Napkin Rings (Set of 6)

TT$297.60 TT$496.00
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Pecu 'Aztec' Napkin Rings (Set of 6)

On SALE | 40% OFF

Maison d'hotè Beaded 'Silk' Table Runner

TT$1,035.54 TT$1,725.90
was $1,725.90 On Sale 40% Off

Elegant 'Jeweled' Geometric Table Runner

TT$1,092.00 TT$1,820.00
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Telescope Placemats (Set of 4)

TT$404.00 TT$673.40
was $673.40 For Set of 4

Metal 'Flower' Beaded Napkin Ring (Set of 6)

TT$476.00 TT$793.40
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Brighton 'Striped' Napkin Rings (Set of 6)

TT$440.00 TT$480.00
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Champs Elise Napkin Rings (Set of 4)

TT$408.00 TT$680.00
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"M" Monogrammed Tea Towels

TT$439.00 TT$731.69
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"A" Monogrammed Tea Towels

TT$439.00 TT$731.69
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Saxon Table Cutlery Pocket

TT$276.60 TT$461.00
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Steadler Striped Tea Towels (Set of 2)

TT$468.00 TT$780.00
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Crimson Circular Rattan Serving Trays

TT$245.00 TT$408.50
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Premiere Beaded Striped Place mats, (Set of 4)

TT$411.90 TT$686.50
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'Royale' Napkin Ring (Set of 6) Imported

TT$403.00 TT$504.00
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Excalibur Borgonovo Fine Crystal Platter

TT$501.30 TT$835.50
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Saks Fifth Ave Crystal Confectionery Server

TT$545.40 TT$909.00
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Studio Silversmiths Frosted Palm Collection Crystal Platter

TT$654.00 TT$1,090.00
was $1,090. NOW 40% Off