Curate the home of your dreams with our inspiring home accents, from exotic pillows and throws to festive home accents that highlight your bold, playful side. Bring a pop of color with contemporary oil paintings and artistic wall art pieces, add warm textures with decorative sculptures, and table ornaments that make your space welcomingly inviting!

Mirrored Metal Room Divider

TT$1,843.00 TT$1,920.00
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Mayan Decorative Tray

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Black Ceramic Bud Vase

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Amethyst Cosmopolitan Glasses (Set of 2)

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Solaris Glass Votive Holder (Set of 2)

TT$224.40 TT$374.00
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Astor Crystal Tabletop Votive Holder Set (Set of 2)

TT$441.60 TT$552.00
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Glass & Wood Candle Lantern

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Wooden Hook Rack

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Crimson Artisan Rattan Trays

TT$245.00 TT$408.50
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Burmese Burlap Fringed Throw Pillow

TT$597.00 TT$995.00
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Italian Renissance Decorative Stand

TT$2,700.00 TT$4,500.00
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'Royal' Pyramid Pillow, with natural fiber tassels

TT$588.00 TT$980.00
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Vietnamese Bamboo Bowls

TT$175.00 TT$291.74
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'Plaid' Pyramid Buttoned Throw Pillow

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Artisan Wood (Raffia) Wall Panels

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Wooden Trinket Box Set

TT$309.70 TT$516.17
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Hand-carved Wood Candle Holder

TT$135.00 TT$225.00
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Tuscany (Horizontal Ribbed) Trumpet Vase

TT$402.00 TT$670.00
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Mid Century (Tuscan) Lantern

TT$304.95 TT$520.25
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2 Piece Brass Encrusted Wood Tabletop Candlestick Set

TT$667.80 TT$1,113.00
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Empire 3 Tier Candelabrum

TT$2,031.00 TT$3,385.00
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Florence Scroll Panel Wall Decor

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Exquisite Home Metal Wall Sconce

TT$412.11 TT$686.85
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Aspen Reversible Floor Cushion by Home Elegante

TT$468.00 TT$780.00
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Gingan Striped Floor Throw (23' x 23') Reversible Cushion

TT$468.00 TT$780.00
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Rouge Beaded Jeweled, Reversible (19' x 19') Pillow

TT$399.00 TT$665.00
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Charise Chaise Shawl

TT$732.00 TT$1,220.00
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Chef's Choice Apron, Towel Combo

TT$750.00 TT$1,250.00
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Cleo Silk Blend, Floor Cushion

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Excalibur Fine Crystal Platter

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Volcanic Ash Decorative Plate

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Bora 8.5" inch Decorative Plate

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