Gravitate towards our unique array of hand-beaded & embroidered plush throws, silk and woven shawls, and exotic tablescape settings to signify your style. Our Fine Art Painting selection will complement your lifestyle while adorning your walls, we’ve added color, comfort, and style to your interior decor.

Mirrored Metal Room Divider

TT$1,843.00 TT$1,920.00
Was $1,920. ON SALE NOW

Amethyst Cosmopolitan Glasses (Set of 2)

TT$312.00 TT$520.00
WAS $520. NOW 40% OFF

Wooden Hook Rack

TT$687.00 TT$859.00
Was $859. | Less 20% Off

Burmese Burlap Fringed Throw Pillow

TT$597.00 TT$995.00
was $995. NOW 40% Off

Italian Renissance Decorative Stand

TT$2,700.00 TT$4,500.00
was $4,500. NOW 40% Off

'Royal' Pyramid Pillow, with natural fiber tassels

TT$588.00 TT$980.00
was $980. SALE 40% Off

Vietnamese Bamboo Bowls

TT$175.00 TT$291.74
was $291.74 On Sale NOW 40%

'Plaid' Pyramid Buttoned Throw Pillow

TT$582.00 TT$970.00
was $970. SALE 40% Off

Mid Century (Tuscan) Lantern

TT$304.95 TT$520.25
was $520.25 NOW 40% Off

Empire 3 Tier Candelabrum

TT$2,031.00 TT$3,385.00
was $3,385. SALE 40% Off

Rouge Beaded Jeweled, Reversible (19' x 19') Pillow

TT$399.00 TT$665.00
was $665. On Sale 40% Off

Charise Chaise Shawl

TT$732.00 TT$1,220.00
was $1,220. On Sale Now 40% Off

Excalibur Fine Crystal Platter

TT$501.30 TT$835.50
was $835.50 NOW 40% Off