Extraction. Mama Earth, Original Ink on Paper by RAven The Artist

Artist original by RAven of RAven Art & Design Studio. Ink on paper. Nude Expressionism.
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“and in the beginning the universe gave birth to form… mama earth” A painting depicted in ink on paper.

It tells a story of the artists constantly changing mood, thinking; and expressive reality. Showing in the now all avenues of the creative way.

Painting, Figurative/ Abstract Expressionism
Dimensions: 20" H x 6" W x 0" D
Painting, Ink on Paper
Theme:  Figurative  /Nude
Origin: Latin America /
Characteristic: Signed
Provenance: Sold by the Artist /
Period: Contemporary / Number of items: 1
Date:   07/237/2021
Frame Type:  Framed

RAven Art & Design Studio -Original,one-of-a-kind painting