'Only Game in Town' - Stippling Illustration by RAven Art

Stippling art, gouache and ink on paper. Deliberately using course dry brush strokes to depict the sun's rays over the stark, desolate landscape congealed this portrayal.
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"Some days one feels as thee... Alone atop a lonely hill,contented at best but every now and then a longing for a chance meet, a song,fragrant scents, and chatter unending. Most days the sunlight is my only companion until raven comes to sit with me awhile and tell of adventures witnessed on trips long spent. The twain my solemn friends… " 

Theme:  Animal, Stippling Art /
Origin: Latin America / 
Characteristic: Signed 
Provenance: Sold by the Artist / 
Artist type: Independent artists /
Mounting: Gouache, Ink on Paper
Period: Contemporary / Number of items: 1
Posted:   February, 2021
Copyright:  RAven Art & Design Studio
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