Risen. Heaven Sent, Metallic Expressionism of Natural Art

Like the phoenix, there will come a time when humanity as a whole must… rise. The metallic silver I think is so symbolic of a fresh new start that out of the darkness arises some clarity with this portrayal. 
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A Raven is an incredible creature of wits,mystery and foresight but I hoped instead to dwarf that spontaneous side and instead capture its beauty and elegance, often overlooked by its mischievous nature so, the artist chose gouache as the medium, its fluidity laid the foundation needed for the support and the representation. It’s a figurative representation of promise.

Expressionism, Gouache, Oil on paper
16" H x 20" W x 0 D

Theme:  Figurative Expressionism /
Origin: Latin America /
Characteristic: Signed /
Provenance: Sold by the Artist /
Artist type: Independent artists /
 Mounting:  Metallic on Paper
Period: Contemporary / Number of items: 1
Posted:  February, 2021
Copyright:  RAven Art & Design Studio

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