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Interior Design Trends 2023

See what looks are emerging onto the scene! The Looks, Colors and Styles that we will see more of this year.


Nature Inspired Trends


The 70's Revival

                               Wicker light shade and end table coupled with macrame wall art; complimented by a padded 
                                                                            faux velvet bedhead, against a textured wall motif.

The laid-back styling of natural materials and earth tones of 70's interiors have found new life in 2022.  The 70's style in interiors is definitely making a a big comeback, it's fun, and has a relaxed style evocative of the free-spiritedness and optimism of the 70's era. Says Matilda Martin , trend specialist at Lick. 'It includes an eclectic mix of textures and patterns, such as animal prints, furry shag pile rugs, velvet furnishings, geometric shapes and soft curved edges.  All of which we can expect to see returning to the home.  There is also a biophilic element to 70's decor that appeals to a modern-day market. A lean towards natural materials like rattan or cork, handcrafted ceramics, and macrame wall hangings. Not to mention a houseplant or two.'


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